Popular Dishes


April's Snack Recollections


  • 雪花糖霜麻花捲 fried dough twist 
  • 黃金元寶芋泥酥 Taro cakes
  • 雙色芝麻開口笑 fried dough with seasame


  • 韭菜盒子 Pan-fried leek dumplings
  • 蔥油餅 Green onion pancake 
  • 豬肉餡餅 Pan-fried pork dumpling
  • 姜媽媽麵疙瘩 Chinese gnocchi


  • 雪菜百頁 Pickle Mustard Green with Bai-Yei Tofu
  • 阿母ㄟ白菜滷 Braised dry fish with Chinese cabbage
  • 紹興東坡肉  Soy-stewed pork
  • 三碗飯蒼蠅頭 Fried Minced Pork & Leek Flowers in Salted Black Bean
  • 甜蜜蜜蜜地瓜 Candied sweet potatoes


Taiwanese Cuisine


  • 古早味炒米粉 Fried rice noodles
  • 肉燥飯  Braised pork rice
  • 蝦仁魚翅羹 Shrimp thick soup
  • 破布子篜豆干 Steamed tofu with pickled cordia dichotoma
  • 蔥滿勝蒜 Green onion with eggs




成立於2009年,4F COOKING HOME用迎接朋友的態度,歡迎每一位喜歡做料理、愛美食的您。


4F團隊為了服務外國朋友,推出了全新企劃「臺灣美味料理」課程,以專案處理的方式,讓各位朋友在輕鬆的氣氛下,體會台式料理的奧妙與醉人。 在旅程中,期待藉由飲食、料理更多瞭解臺灣文化,把愛吃的臺灣料理學起來,相信會是此行另一番美好的體驗,把所學到的台灣料理帶回去做給家人朋友共享,更是獨一無二的伴手禮。

把來臺學作料理加入你的行程中,經過永康街逛到青田街,歡迎來找我們。 歡迎來到臺灣!






Established in 2009, 4F welcomed all of you who love cooking and food. We believed "Cooking by yourself is always the best sharing with family and friends." 4F is not just a cooking studio but the place for sharing different life-experience through variety food and each chefs. 

In order to server more friends from all over the world, 4F offer Taiwanese local cuisine cooking programs, which is a brand new class just for our foreign friends. Any private and special request are welcome. Simply click the request form and come to enjoy further and beautiful taiwanese food culture by cooking taiwanese cuisine in 4F COOKING HOME. We would love to meet all friends who love food cooking and sharing.

Hope to see you soon in Taiwan!



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